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Lesson Horses

               Meet our Lesson Horses

Diva: Our first lesson horse and our most steady and seasoned beginner horse. She earned her name “Diva” due to her sassy personality and beautiful appearance. While she may have a big personality, she is very serious about her job. In 2006, she won the Appaloosa National Horse Show in Western Horsemanship and has competed all over the country. 

Mikey: This horse is a true legend. Mikey was a world renowned show horse in the early 2000’s and featured on the cover of National equestrian magazines. Kate’s personal favorite horse, Mikey has a kind soul and is a very smooth ride.

Lexi: A very special horse right here...Lexi has been the teacher to some of our youngest and smallest riders all while being able to step up and teach our most advanced riders the finesse of upper level riding. Lexi is a treasure to us.

Dottie: Retiring from a very successful show career, this mare is our most advanced horse and will be teaching riders the art of finesse. Dottie is our youngest lesson horse at the age of 7. She is kind, gentle and has over 60 months of professional training and completion experience.

Lollipop: The jack of all trades. The mare has been owned by clients for over a decade - she is soo special there is always a waitlist on people wanting to buy her! Lollipop is a very talented rodeo horse, but also can slow down to teach basic riding as well as work cows and jump. We have even swam with this horse in our stock tank. Her heart is as big as Texas!

Spirit: This horse is athletic and an asset to my riders looking for something a little more challenging. She is quick legged and LOVES to be ridden. Brave, honest and lots of try. We are lucky to use her to help riders step up into more advanced riding. Also, this mare is SMOOTH! Like riding glass. 

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