Who Are We?

Life in Stride is a program focused on children learning how to ride and care for horses in an inclusive and enthusiastic environment. Our staff consists of national caliber riders with a desire to teach and motivate young students. Safety, fun, and quality riding sessions are our core values.


We have 7 lessons horses that are all high quality competition level horses with extensive training. Majority of them are in their retirement years and have wisdom and life experience on their side. We strongly focus on providing each lesson horse with the best care and nutrition possible, in addition to several days of rest each week. Happy horses make the best lesson horses!



Students come for weekly lessons in either our beginner, intermediate or advanced programs. Access to our events including competitions, field trips and educational activities is included in our lesson memberships. These extra events are intended to teach our riders about the responsibilities of horse ownership, learn more about competing and even about careers in the equine industry. 



Our barn has two arenas, one covered, one open. If there is rain or poor weather, we ride in the covered arena. We are a private facility and all appointments must be pre- booked. Our location is off Highway 21, near the Brazos River.
We do not offer one time rides, trail rides, etc.