We have 5 lessons horses, all high-quality competition level horses with extensive training. Most of them are in their retirement years and have the wisdom and life experience needed to teach beginner riders. We strongly focus on providing our horses with the best care and nutrition possible, in addition to several days of rest each week. Happy horses make the best lesson horses!


2004 AQHA Mare

Multiple-time Western Pleasure Champion.

The "Cadillac" of western horses.


2018 AQHA Mare

It takes one special horse to be this young and be one of our favorite
lesson horses. She is kind, smooth as glass, and a joy to be around.
Born here at our ranch, her mother was one of our favorite horses and
passed along her incredibly calm and kind personality to "Baby Rose". 


1996 Appaloosa Mare
2006 National Champion Horsemanship
Life in Stride’s first lesson horse


2013 AQHA gelding

Little Bob is tiny but mighty! He is a
calf roping superstar and loves to work cows, trail ride and teach our
riders how to lope. Bob takes a longer time to bond with so riders truly learn how to connect and create a relationship with him.


2012 Quarter Horse Mare
Show horse and Lesson Horse


2005 AQHA Mare
Reining horse and lesson horse
Small, sassy and enjoys being ridden.


2013 AQHA mare

The quietest rodeo horse you will ever meet. Kitty is also a calf roping horse with incredible bloodlines and
the best personality you will ever find in a horse. Be warned, she is
bouncy, but is a great teacher!


2017 AQHA mare
A true athlete, Sam is reserved for our more advanced riders. She is a
rodeo horse with a wonderful attitude and is the perfect horse for our riders when they need to step up to a horse with a little bit more pep.