Woodard’s 2016-09-14

From an early age our daughter Maylee has had a real love for horses.  Five years ago we started lessons with Kate at Life in Stride.  Over the years, we have seen Kate running a quality program.

Maylee has had several instructors at Life in Stride, we have witnessed a consistency in the training methods and approach.  Kate’s instructors have been encouraging and patient.  Life in Stride’s program covers many important areas; safety, equine knowledge, riding techniques, sportsmanship, and teamwork.  All while keeping it fun.

Kate as well as her instructors bond well with the students.  Maylee has developed several great relationships with other students and instructors.  The coaching has always stayed within Maylee’s capabilities.  Understanding the student’s potential and their current abilities allows the instructors to push for improvement.  This challenges Maylee bringing out her best.  As a result, Maylee has competed well in the arena as well as in Life in Stride trivia contests.

Kate has always taken the extra time to communicate important information to Candi and I.  Displaying a genuine care for Maylee’s development. 

“Kate is great running Life in Stride and I could not ask for more in an instructor/coach for my daughter.” John Woodard

“Kate is passionate about her work and always happy!  She really wants the best for me. I know she cares about me.” Maylee Woodard

“Kate challenges her students.  She makes sure that her students have the training they need for each event.”  Candi Woodard

Life in Stride is a success because Kate has the experience, wisdom and passion to manage a successful program.  We look forward to seeing Maylee continue her development under Kate’s guidance.  Five years ago she loved horses, today she really loves horses!



From: College Station


Emily Johns 2016-08-23

My daughter has always been crazy about horses before she could walk. We knew horses would be a big part of her life. It was important to us that we find the perfect place for our child to grow and do what she loves. In 2014 we met Mrs. Kate Evans at my child’s first summer camp at Life in Stride. She has such an inviting energetic spirit that pleased me to be able to leave my child under her care. She does everything with a smile on her face and with joy in her heart.

When we did my child’s fifth birthday party with her, Kate always tended to what we needed without any complaint. She has a passion for what she does and there is not a doubt she loves every minute of it. Kate has taken the time to teach my child not only in lessons but also in life. She has given my daughter experiences of life outside the barn and what it takes to live your dream if you work hard.

The opportunities of going to the veterinary hospital to see an ultrasound of a baby horse in a mare, to seeing new baby foals, picking and dropping horses off. This is everyday life for Mrs. Kate, but has made a lasting impression on my child’s life, something that she will take with her forever. She teaches my daughter about life, about horses, about love, about faith. Mrs. Kate reaches out to the hurt, has patience when situations arise and compassion on everyone she meets.

Mrs. Kate has been a blessing to my daughter and to our family. Life in stride is like home to us. We love her.

From: College Station
Amy Ging 2016-07-11
Life In Stride is a top-notch riding academy. Our daughter was able to gain knowledge about correct form and precision as well as how to properly care for horses. Most importantly, our daughter was able to gain confidence and build her self-esteem by overcoming fears associated with riding. These skills were not only invaluable for riding but also great life lessons. Kate and all of her trainers are the best of the best!
From: College Station Tx
Matthew 2015-08-20
My son was very happy to have attended summer camp this year, 2016. He couldn't stop talking about the great time he had!!
From: College Station
Emma 2014-07-11
I love this barn. It is always loving. I have been riding my horse for about 3 years and I love it still. I love my instructors. They are sweet, kind and always loving. The horses there are outstanding. I love the stables and I bet everyone else will too.
From: College Station Tx
Annabelle 2014-04-11
I love Kate she is the best teacher she was my teacher for a long time now she is not I have another teacher Paige tell your friends to come if they are HORSE CRAZY!!!!! (I love horses) bye see u soon
From: Collage Station
Madison 2014-02-06
I have been riding with Kate for almost 1 year. I am 7 years old and LOVE horses. Kate teaches me a lot! We practice hard, and play some days too - all our hard word pays off when we get to have a play day. Thank you Kate for teaching all these things, I can't wait for more to come!
From: Bryan